What You Need To Know About The Orient Express

The is world-renowned luxury travel service at its best! Since the 1920’s when the very first carriage was created, it already captured the acceptance of the people. The people loved the carriage, being a luxurious, extremely posh and comfortable carriage that offers them the best experience unparalleled with other train service providers.

The Carriage Journey
Stop over to a or castle with the train ride. You will be welcomed, accommodated in and served by the service staff in crisply starched uniforms. The has the shining color and green interiors. Feast on a sumptuous gourmet meal especially prepared by a skilled chef matched with a bottle of champagne as the carriage slowly slips by to your next destinations.

The Murder Mystery by

The experience of the Orient-Express Murder Mystery merges a collection of amazingly beautiful landscapes along England’s countryside with a perfect plot of a murder. You may go around Brighton’s porch and eat the sumptuous food served with champagne as you try to find out the real culprit in ’s murder story. The elements of mystery and intrigue, for unknown reasons, go together in the . World- including , , Graham Greene and Bram Stoker share one thing in common. They all shared their iconic characters they used for daytime journeys; thus, raising the train’s credibility for .

On Board the

Experience at once from the golden age with an trip! You may choose to board and experience the travel delights offered by the . Learn and understand the significant role of the carriages in the of the world. There were so many carriages that were mixed up in significantly of the country. This included the State visit of France’s Presidents Charles de Gaulle during the1960s.

Did you know that the man responsible for creating all these beautifully engineered carriages of the named George Mortimer Pullman, was a school dropout? Yes, the man behind all these luxury trains everyone in the world admires and respects left school at a very young age of fourteen. Due to poverty, sought work and found one as a coffin maker, and then eventually a gold seller before finally shifting into the automotive business. And would you believe it he made his own steam trains and getting the design from the small boats that traversed the Erie Canal where this remarkable man was brought up.

There are several other destinations via the . One of which is the Royal Scotsman Rail Journey where passengers will get to experience the splendor of the beautiful Scottish Highlands. Catch a glimpse of the ever-revolutionizing landscapes that behold your sight, the soaring peaks of Scotland while aboard the very exciting Royal Scotsman on an exciting tour to Scotland!

Sumptuous gourmet meals for lunch and dinner matched with champagne and wine make the Scotsman Rail Journey a truly luxurious, elegant and comfortable train ride!


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  1. I’ve travelled on the British Pullman and Northern Belle trains and they are both beautifully decorated with exquisite marquetry and fine fabrics. However, whereas the British Pullman consists of original 1920s carriages that have been carefully restored, the Northern Belle is a relatively new reproduction, although you wouldn’t know it wilst on board.

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