When Is The Best Time To Visit Mexico?

When determining the best time to visit Mexico for a vacation, you should keep in mind what type of weather you are hoping for, what kinds of activities or festivals you would like to participate in, and what kind of prices you are willing to pay. It may be that cost is a factor and you just want to lie around a pool all day sipping margaritas. Another may want to avoid the and fish. While yet another may want to time their vacation in order to join in on the festivities of Carnival.

As far as weather goes, the best time to visit Mexico depends on where your chosen will be. August and September get the most rain throughout Mexico and they also coincide with hurricane season which affects both the east and . The weather during this time of year can be very hot, humid and sticky. Central Mexico is situated on a high plain, which provides cool nights even during the summer. The southern coastal areas are always warm and can be very hot in the summer. And if you are thinking of vacationing in , be aware that it is a desert that just happens to be next to the ocean. It will be hot and dry most of the year regardless of the neighboring surf.

The winter months in most of Mexico can be quite pleasant. Most of the cities and resorts will have ranging in the 70’s and 80’s. Winter in some of the in the middle of the country can have daytime highs anywhere from 50 degrees to anywhere in the 70’s range and nighttime lows at or below freezing.

There are literally thousands of festivals and all over Mexico and if there is a particular one you wish to attend, there are many websites available to get information about them. Some of the festivities are observed nationwide and can be celebrated everywhere from to Cancun.

Carnival (or Carnaval) is celebrated five days before , usually in the first week of February. During this time parades, parties, and dancing in the streets are present everywhere and can provide great fun. Another holiday that is celebrated nationwide is Mexico’s day of independence. Cinco de Mayo is observed on May 5 every year as a celebration of the Mexican army’s defeat of the French in 1862 at the Battle of Puebla and is a great source of national pride for all of Mexico. And, of course, Christmas festivities are everywhere in this predominantly Christian country with mini-fiestas beginning in mid-December to celebrate the journey of Mary and Joseph leading up to Christmas Day.

The best time to visit Mexico for you might be when the off-season rates for lodging drop in price. August through September is cheaper in areas most affected by the . In the same way, summertime sees lower prices in many locations because of the high heat and humidity.

Before you decide on when to take a trip to Mexico, first decide what you would like to see and where you would like to go. After all, the best time to visit mainly depends on what your personal preferences may be.


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