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At the hotel, you will learn about historical moments of immigration between Chinese and Mexicans, and can enjoy swims in the pool, , aeronautics, and more.

If you are searching for a great , the Sacramento is one of the Riverfront Promenade hotels. This elegantly designed hotel stands out and across the waterway is the historical Old Town. You get full service at the hotel.

Room Amenities include Broadband, Internet Access and the hotel has 242 rooms. You can enjoy family rooms, car rental, , , pool, dining, , meeting rooms, kitchenette, suites, health clubs, and , hot tub, and .

The main attractions around the hotel include the , Expo, State Fair, and so on. You cannot beat the amenities and attractions offered at this hotel. You cannot miss the Four Seasons Los Angeles hotels. The hotels are near the lovely Beverly Hill. This is one of the tastefully designed hotels in . At the hotel, you can enjoy s, spa, massage, pool, hot tubs, TV, air-conditioning, kitchen, Broadband, fireplace, and more.


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