Treatments in overcoming fear of flying

Today, with and in research, overcoming could be fast and easy. All one needs to do is to gather enough willpower to face his or her fear and the willingness to overcome that fear no matter what it takes.

Options for aviophobia treatment

Once the final diagnosis has been made by the psychologist, the person who has aviophobia can now start with treatments depending in the severity of the phobia. Nowadays, the most common s available in overcoming include drug therapy, , (CBT), relaxation techniques and -affiliated programs. Each of these offer and processes so it’s up to the person which one could be suitable to his or her needs.

1. The drug therapy. This is the mildest form of treatment available for people who are starting in overcoming their fear. Once diagnosis is made by the psychologist or , the most common drug prescription that they give include benzodiazepines and other relaxant drugs which are proven to control the symptoms of the phobia for a certain period of time. Although some can be bought over the counter, always remember to check with your which drugs may help you overcome that fear while in flight. Their approval and prescription is very important because these will ensure that the problem will not get more complicated.

2. Several herbal and . If you want to go the natural way, there are certain that can be made or taken at home to help you control anxiety attacks during flights. These herbs include , Scullcap, Passiflora incarnate, and Valerian are recommended because these are believed to help calm the person’s nerves while aboard. Because these contain properties that help people to relax, many are trying this . But since herbal or dont necessarily have clinical approval, it is best to test first the effects of these herbs before you finally go aboard.

3. The or CBT. Experts say that one of the most effective methods for helping people overcoming their is the process called “desensitization.” This is an educated approach to overcoming fear in flying because the process involves making the person face the fear “face to face”. How? The moderators introduce the patient to his or her fear and then, slowly, the idea of flying will be re-introduced. Other components of the method also include conversations on it, field visits such as the airport, and soon, you will be accompanied to take a real flight. During the sessions, the patient will be taught various relaxation methods as well as techniques so they can cope with the phobia and eventually eliminate it form their system.

4. Various relaxation techniques. Since anxiety is the main culprit for , people who are experiencing this are advised to various techniques that would help them relax such as meditation and deep breathing as well as muscle relaxation. People who are afraid to fly are advised to practice these techniques at home so once they have mastered it, they can try using these relaxation methods when they finally able to take a flight. Learning these techniques are important because it will help the person reduce his or her anxiety, relieve the tension brought by the fear, and enable that person to take off his or her mind into untoward things and accidents.


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