You can Take a Romantic Lake Tahoe Vacation

If you want to try out something new and spend a weekend or even a week-long vacation, then you can take a romantic vacation.

Spectacularly nestled in the , is one of todays finest vacation destinations around the .

is located along the border between and Nevada, but wait until you get to experience the natural and breathtaking beauty of where you will be surely captivated by its romantic setting and natural charm.

Travel experts agree that there are more romantic , accommodation and .

Only a short 60-mile ride from Reno, and an easy drive from San Francisco, can be a fine romantic getaway for either a weekend retreat or a honeymoon setting.

The beauty and charm of Tahoe is its unique mix of mountain air, scenery and activities, highlighted with big name entertainment, dining and nightlife.

No wonder it is considered by far the best and the largest in North .

But Tahoe is not just synonymous with parties and social gatherings or sporting adventures, it can also be a getaway for those who wish to have a peaceful day of rest and solitude.

The north shore of is the area for those seeking a more serene environment, with world-class and finer .

Activities in the north shore area are considered a bit laid back and suits a slower .

The south shore area, on the other hand, is much more pulsating and appropriate for a high , mass market hotel/motel accommodations, glitz and the other commodity Nevada is famous for, gambling.

The lit-up casinos and resorts can be seen for miles around at night, a good indicator that one has crossed the state line.

Romantic and idyllic times to visit is around early June, and September to mid October.

Weekdays during the summer season is a busy day for , but wait for the summer weekends, where it gets unbearably busy, which is not surprising since over 30 million people live within a 350 mile radius of .
Take a day to circle the lake by car, but it would take 3 days to find suitable areas to relax, get active outdoors and getting a taste of the varied dining and entertainment choices.

For the romantic, the North Shore side of is also known as the quiet side.

On then north shore you find some attractive little towns with some fine heritage buildings, quaint little roadside taverns, and accommodation in like cvbacation rentals and standard hotels.

Most of those hotels found here include romantic studio cabins for a very relaxing vacation.

The north shore around Homewood and Tahoe City, as well as Truckee, has an old west feel and some neat little shops and restaurants.

Truckee also has some scenic views at the Donner Summit Bridge, where in the winter youll find skiing with fewer crowds to deal compared to resorts.

If one is also looking for good vacation camping spots, youll find them along the lakes west shore.

So pack up those bags with your loved one and take a romantic vacation.


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