Airline Ticket Deals To Avoid

You may have been curious about ads or websites that
promise no strings attached tickets to a great
place like Orlando or . Some of these might even
include !

Sounds too good to be true right? Well, unfortunately, it
is. These scams are usually set up by time-share companies
and what they dont tell you is that you will be required
to attend their every day. You can live with a
short seminar right? Think again.

These -- last at minimum 4 hours each day you are
there. If you dont attend them, you may not be able to get
your home or even have your

Sure its sneaky but legally these companies are doing what
they say. They provide s with the
promise of vacation and in a way they do comply.

If you think you can listen to 4 hours of sales pitches
every day and still try to have a later, go for
it. If you know its a , stay away.

Many deals center around bad times of year. In the
fall, you can see ads for very cheap Caribbean

Hmm..What is it that happens in the Caribbean every fall?
Oh yeah! ! The chances of a hurricane coming to
the you are visiting is pretty slim but if it
does happen, you are stuck there for the duration of the

Be very careful when drooling over these cheap
tickets in the fall. The same applies for and nearby
islands in the spring.


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