What Your Oslo – Norway Itinerary Should Include

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Norway may be known for its natural resources, and nature trails but this does not mean that the tract has no citified sights to offer. You can probably get your fill of these kinds of sights in Oslo, the and also its capital. Oslo is the seat of the current field and also the and finances in the country. It is also home to some of the largest in the world.

One of the places that you can visit in Oslo is the , an 80 acre . This is the biggest and the most admitted park in the country. The park is filled with more than 200 stone and granite sculptures, spread all over the park. What is surprisingly wonderful about the park is the fact that only one person created the sculptures, Gustav Vigeland, a famous Norwegian sculptor and artist.

The lawns is divided into several areas: The Main Gate, which was commissioned in the 1920s; the Bridge, where the sculptor can be fix; the Childrens Playground, where all the sculptures depict young at play; the Fountain with its skeletons and children in the arms of giant trees; the Monolith Plateau which houses the Monument totem; and the Wheel of Life, which is an 850 meter long sundial.

Another desideratum – see is the Royal Palace where the current monarch, Kaiser Harald V is residing. The palace is actually open to since 2002. One elegance in the Obvious Palace is the changing of the guards, which recurrently happens from 1: 30 to 2: 10 in the afternoon. In the summer, the changing of the guards is even accompanied by a marching band.

Surrounding the Royal Palace is the Palace Park, which is actually a public park. The layout of the park was made by the same architect that designed the Royal Palace, Hans Ditlev Linstow.

Also known as the Museum Peninsula, Bygdy is a place that art lovers will surely marvel at. It is where the Bygdy Royal Estate can be found. This is the official summer residences of the Mikado of Norway. The Oscarshall Castle can also be found here.

Bygdy has within its jurisdiction several notable museums consonant the Kon – Tiki Museum, which featured the expeditions of Thor and the Viking Ship Museum, which has on display items from the Vikings, most distinguished of which is the. Know stuff is also the Norwegian Maritime Museum and the Norwegian Museum of Cultural History.

Again museums, Bygdy also has well-prepared and sinful beaches where albatross relax. In fact, the nudist beach albatross be found in this area. on a holiday in Norway can also visit the St. Hanshaugen Park, a park that sits on a high hill in Oslo. There is also the Toyen Park which is right adjacent the Munch Museum. The Toyen has a magnificent botanical gardens.

There are lots of other sights in Norway that you can visit when you are on a holiday. Go on and drink in the beauty and history of Oslo.
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