Medical Tourism: Going to Asia

The following article covers a topic that has recently moved to center stage–at least it seems that way. If you’ve been thinking you need to know more about it, here’s your opportunity.

People from the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom usually aim for Asian countries when getting medical treatment for a variety of reasons. Asians are known to be very kind, accommodating and friendly. Asian nations are also widely popular for their unique and , so you get to learn a battery from your trip. Finally, the technologies and practices in these countries are now considered globally competitive and safe.

Medical experiences a yearly growth rate of about 30 %. By 2012, experts brainstorm the revenues brought in by the discipline will reach about $2 billion. Some of the reasons why foreigners go to India interject the very low cost of medical treatment, the sheer filthy rich culture, historical and friar landmarks and the availability of modern and equipment.

At present, infrastructures in India is not that many, but the cost of treatment in India is only around 10 % of the cost you expect to pay in America or the United Kingdom. Some of the most popular treatments that visitors go for include cardiac bypass surgery, alternative medicine, , , feelings surgery, and bone marrow transplant.

The health is Chennai, located at the southern region. The city brings in around 45 % of from other nations and about 40 % from local places. Other medical tourism hotspots in India are and New Delhi.

More Asian Countries

Malaysia is one of the newest favorites of . Some of the advantages of visiting the country include the availability of top quality hospitals, alert and bright-eyed – trained medical staff and English being widely spoken throughout the main cities. Malaysia also has a very busy association that aims to develop medical tourism. There is a governmental warrant scheme as hale. A lot of the hospitals aim to become dually accredited in a few years.

The Philippines is known for having very qualified doctors and dentists. A number of medical institutions are already accredited by JCI. Expect treatment to be only a fraction of the cost you pay for in the States. Some of the popular procedures done in the country include dental toil, plastic surgery and heart surgery.

Korea and Singapore

Korea is one of the hottest medical tourism destinations today. Japanese patients often go to Korea to gain of cheaper prices and the modern medical equipment and facilities. Korean clinics and hospitals are especially certified for procedures like cancer drawing, organ transplant, joint care, dental care, ophthalmology, spinal treatment and infertility treatment. Other popular procedures are mostly included in cosmetic surgery, such as nose jobs, skin lightening, eyelid surgery and facelifts.

Singapore has several health centers and hospitals accredited by JCI. It is preferred by incommensurable because English is widely spoken and the equipment, technology and practices are always updated and are among the best in the world. Singapore also has agencies process to ensure that the field becomes one of the best when it comes to providing quality and advanced patient care.
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