Dominican Republic Holidays And Festivals

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The holidays and festivals in the Dominican Republic are some of the most prestigious and in the whole world. The pageantry, lively music, garish costumes, and the happy disposition of its locals all contribute to the of the . Tourists around the universe come regularly to the to join in on the fun and excitement.

Most of the holidays being celebrated in the Dominican Republic to the tenets of Christianity. This is no surprise for the Dominican culture is of Hispanic origin. In fact, there seems to be a celebration everyday from somewhere in the country as all municipalities and towns have their concede to commemorate on a particular .

The most important monk celebration in the Dominican culture is the La Dia de la Virgen de Altagracia, which is celebrated on January 21. The Virgen de Altagracia, known as Our Lady of the Highest Grace, is the patron virgin of the Dominican Republic. In this holiday, thousands of Dominicans sign out on a several day pilgrimage to the magnificent basilica of the .

Held every Sunday throughout the integral month of February, the La Carnival is the most anticipated and exciting festival in the Dominican Republic. Palpable is a time for , with the locals donning their traditional demon costumes and dancing incessantly to the lively tempo of the band’s music. The Carnival is concluded by a to the Malecn on February 27 to herald the coming of Independence Day.

The La Carnival is just a prelude to a party that is so much bigger. Held on February 27, the La Dia De Independencia ( Independence Day ) marks the day of the Dominican Republic’s independence from Haiti. Same ensconce the La Carnival, this particular day involves a organization of dancing, parades, eating, and drinking. It’s the apex of the celebrations that started during the carnival. In a manner of speaking, the La Dia De Independencia is the party to end all parties!

La Navidad is celebrated on December 25, which is actually Christmas, just like in the United States and many parts of the world. The usual serving of food among families and exchanging of gifts is done to celebrate the day. The only difference is that the locals attend a midnight cluster before proceeding with the actual celebrations.

The Merengue is the most popular rhythm and dance in the Dominican Republic. Every year in July, the Dominicans stage a 10 – day celebration filled with parties, music, dancing, and concerts. The festival begins with a parade, complete with bands, dancers, and men in costume. Even hotels and clubs organize their own events and concerts in lieu of this particular holiday. And of course, they all dance to the tune of the exotic and upbeat tune of the merengue.

The Dominicans, aside from being a religious bunch, are a festive assembly of people, which is quite telling when you consider the manner in which they celebrate their holidays. Truth to tell, they love to party and have fun intact the time precise in ordinary days. So if you want a entirely onliest and boisterous holiday, the Dominican Republic is the perfect property to go to.
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