What to Remember for Your Safari Clothing

Whatever you do, don’t leave behind any essentials of an tour

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The least thing you want to know once you get on board is that you have left a vital gear behind. Safari by nature, requires a number of essentials that are literally helpful while you are on your travel. On the other hand, you may need to drop some of non-essential things since they will only add up to your luggage weight. Remember, of the is not measured by the number of useless that you have with you (which in the end makes you uncomfortable because of weight) but by the comfort of having that are truly needed while on trek.

One of the most indispensable is off course the safari clothes. You would want to be comfortable during your trip but never forget the protection. Long sleeves shirts are a must. They do not only cover you from harmful bites but may also cover your skin against exposure to sun. Along with these, you can also have some with you to serve as protection during (if you are traveling during winter) and plague.

The number one rule of thumb with safari clothes is to make less exposure to animals as much as possible.

This can be done by avoiding bright colored clothes that attract animals. This is perhaps the reason why most safari clothes appear in colors such as light brown, khaki, light green and tan. White clothes and other colors are definitely that you must avoid. They may either refrain you from viewing animals closer or they may attract danger towards you. You can also have the advantage of keeping yourself cooler with as they don’t trap as much heat during the day.

Mobility must always be the top consideration. Don’t bring with you more than 25 pounds worth luggage since you will travel a lot and will transfer from one small vehicle to another. Make it also a point that your safari clothes and are packed in waterproofed materials such as that of the duffel bags.

The majority of safari guides recommend only 2 to 3 days supply of clothing as there will be facilities for laundry in lodges and camps. However, if you are planning to stop over some African city , you may consider bringing one set of more dressy clothes.

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