Beach Theme Wedding Ideas

Choosing a beach theme wedding gives you a lot of advantages. One is giving yourself the total freedom to become creative and making your a totally unique one. Depending on the time of the day, the nature can help you to achieve the mood you want to set. A -day is the time for celebration, party, activity, excitement, and fun. The dawn or dusk provides a romantic feel to the event.

And another good thing is: a does not require a lot of decorations- the beach will serve as your backdrop.

Having said that, planning the perfect time of wedding is important. A big celebration is ideal during the mid-day where you can involve all of your guests with the fun. On the other hand, a small and at the seaside with few guests is ideal to be held at dawn or dusk.

However, do not disregard beach theme wedding if do not have an access to an ocean. After all, a beach can be a river or a lake. Both can be very ideal venues for a beach theme wedding.

Nonetheless, you have to remember this: “There are no rules to follow!”

Do not contain your wedding preparation within the boundaries of the . Of course, the basic elements of the ceremony should not be omitted. But the rest, you can change. Be creative. Make it fun. Or rather, have fun. It is your day so maximize it by doing what you want to do.

Here are some wedding theme ideas you can use as a :

Caribbean wedding theme ideas

You do not have to fly to the Caribbean to enjoy the infamous Caribbean-style wedding. All you have to do is to choose a good shoreline and add the missing ingredients: Wear the usual colored shirt, shorts, sarong or wrap. Ask your guests to wear such things as well. Leave your shoes at your car or your hotel room. Sip and punch rum all through the night. Dance with a reggae and calypso music. Add some . Play the “”. Prepare bamboo torches around the party area.

wedding ideas

You dont have to watch “Lilo and Stitch” or “Blue ” to get the idea. Choose a white tops and shorts for the groom while a traditional an gown called the “holoku” is for the bride. Ask your guests to wear colorful shirt or the an shirt. Want to go further? Then consider the grass hula skirts. Do not forget the lei and haku. Shoes are definitely useless. Wear flip flops or go barefoot. The wedding is informal yet beautiful.

Fantasy wedding theme ideas

Any women would not forget to live their dreams to become a princess. Now, here is your chance. The bride can become Cinderella and the groom prince charming. Arrive at the venue with a horse-drawn carriage. Make a sand castle as your background. Make a costume also for the bridesmaid and the groomsmen.

Thankfully, Shrek was not yet created during your childhood fantasies. It saves you from transporting a donkey at your wedding.

Beach party wedding theme ideas

If you want cheap, stress-free, and informal celebration, this one’s for you. Let loose with just shorts and simple dress. Ask your guests to bring their own swimwear. Make it like a unique family outing with barbeque and beach volleyball.

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