Princess Wedding Theme: A True Display of Royalty

Arrange every detail of your wedding as to fit for royalty.

One of the most common wedding themes nowadays is the realization of a girl’s dream. Most ladies during their childhood dreamt of having her own castle, a wardrobe of magnificently created , a crown that signifies her royalty, and a wherein she could continue her wishful dreaming.

On your wedding day, why not live her dreams into reality?

While most would wish for a royal , too few could truly throw such an event since there are needs for extravagant spending. Remember that without the touch of royalty and opulence, your will never look real.

Your reception will greatly matter in this kind of wedding. If you can afford to rent a historic castle complete with luscious and carefully manicured lawn then well and good. But if this is too ambitious and very unaffordable, the next best thing would be a hall with high ceilings, an impressive staircase, awesome chandeliers and a long, red carpet to walk on during your entrance into the ceremony.

And since it is every girl’s dream to look like a princess, you must answer this through furnishing a traditional ball . This must be made with a full skirt and a fitted that truly appeals to a princess-like royalty. Grace the gown with a of lace, pearls and other decorations. Your excellent choice of a train is the cathedral as this possesses splendor which must be carried by members of the . Also, select a with a long trail of veil to add to the air of luxury. Match this with a pair or carefully selected elbow-length gloves.

The bridesmaids must also be dressed in floor-length gowns that would much a ’s image of ladies in royal attendance. Richly colored satin dresses with fine addition of gloves and bouquets of flowers will help give more emphasis on a princess .

To help set your guests’ mood, you can make use of a hand-made paper invitation with a colored wax seal that posses your initials to secure the envelopes. The programs, however, must be made with engraved letters as well. This could best be rolled and tied as to resemble a royal invitation from the renaissance period.

Seal the air of a princess with a royal dance through the music of classical composers, especially those who have focused on court waltz. It would be best to play music through the entire reception. However, it would still be best if you allot a budget for a string quartet. Like the princes and princesses of old age, you can reminisce your wedding by remembering how the guests looked upon you on your first graceful waltz. After which, allow your guests to take pleasure in the royalty you have set before them. Arrange the program of your wedding reception in a way that everyone could enjoy the night away through music and food.

End your night with a glorious exit. Hire a horse-drawn carriage and a tuxedo-clad driver to carry you towards your honeymoon venue.

Years after your wedding, you will find pleasure in looking back to the day you have lived out the very wishes you have dreamt since your childhood.

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