So What’s Exciting With Alaska Hiking

Everything! If you are anywhere near Alaska, you might probably have thought of what excitement you would be facing once you step its land. It’s like nowhere else, truly a unique spot for hikers. It simply has everything. If you … Continue reading

Mountain Hiking Self-Preparation Tips

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Hiking Trip Do’s and Donts

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Hiking Safety: Things to Remember

Hiking is indeed, an exciting outdoor activity; but a one wrong step will get you into instant trouble. So before you get too excited, here are some safety tips you should remember on your hiking trip: Never hike alone If … Continue reading

Going for Hiking and Backpacking Trip?

Take these Tips with You! 1.) Shop for a good quality backpack. A hiker can forget his map, compass, flashlight, and knife but he can never leave without his backpack. Invest on a quality backpack that fits you. “Fit” meaning, … Continue reading

Get Up and Go Out, Shop for Hiking Gear!

Now that you’ve done a lot of thinking on going outdoor and hiking, it is time that you give some thoughts on the things that will help you ensure that you will have a great time backpacking. It is time … Continue reading