Going for Hiking and Backpacking Trip?

Take these Tips with You!

1.) Shop for a good quality backpack. A hiker can forget his map, compass, , and knife but he can never leave without his backpack. Invest on a quality backpack that fits you. “Fit” meaning, when you wear it, you are comfortable with it. Thick and extra padding can increase the level of comfort when carrying the backpack on a long hike so bearing these features. Crucial to the selection of backpack is the size. that can carry everything you need for most of your future hiking trips.

2.) Take the appropriate gear. Your survival when you are in hiking and backpacking trip depends on the right gear you bring. Pack clothes that are suitable for every possible in the area. Expect the worst. A sunny day hike can turn into wet, muddy, and so your clothes should be appropriate for any . Invest on a pair of quality hiking boots. If you are planning for serious hiking and backpacking, a tough, heavy and waterproof pair of hiking boots is a must. If this will be your first time, shop for the right gear and prepare yourself physically.

3.) carefully. The secret to great hiking and backpacking trip is planning. early. If you have to make some reservations, do it months in advance.

4.) Bring a friend. It is not advisable to hike and backpack alone so tell your plan to a friend and bring him with you.

5.) Tell someone about your trip. Another friend, a relative or someone back at camp should be aware of your whereabouts during your hike. Inform him about your route and your expected time of return.

6.) Bring . Bring a , a two-way radio or a if it’s available. This way, you can call for help in case something wrong happens.

7.) Check the weather forecast. Although is often inaccurate, it pays to listen to them. This way, you know what to expect when you are out there on the woods.

8.) Stay away from wildlife at all times. Even if you are hiking and backpacking on a suburban location, there is a possibility that you encounter wild animals. If you do, keep your distance from them. Back away slowly. Dont run.

9.) Bring your portable stove. Most parks prohibit hikers and campers from making fire using woods so make sure that you bring your own portable stove to cook your food.

10.) Stay close to your things. There are still crooks even you are out on the woods so make sure you keep an eye on your things all the time. Do not bring any valuable items like wallet and jewelry. Avoid showing off your new gear to anyone.

11.) Bring enough food and water. Energy bars are recommended when you go hiking and backpacking. They are lightweight and easy to carry. Bring other foods at your preference. Bring enough water to keep you hydrated throughout your trip. Stay away from waters from lake, river, and creek. They may look clean and fresh but they can make you ill.

12.) Bring insect repellant lotion, hat, camera, toiletries, raingear, navigational devices (GPS, map, and compass), first-aid kit, binoculars, etc.

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