Hiking Trip Do’s and Donts

The difficulty and enjoyment of hiking depends on where you plan to take your feet. But no matter where you go, there are things that never change: the you have to observe and the standard rules you have to monitor. Do’s and donts of a hiking trip are as follows:

Do not bring valuables.
There is no out in the woods. And definitely, there is no need to flaunt any jewelry to the trees and plants out there. Never bring your wallet, , and other valuable items on a hiking trip because when they get lost, you might have to spend more time faced-down looking for your lost items than and enjoying the trip.

Do not pack more than you should have.
Carrying your own weight on the hike is tiring enough so make sure that you do not carry too when you go hiking. Pack clothes enough to last for the whole trip. Bring only the things that you know you are going to use. All the excess items should be left at home or in your . The point is, you have to travel as light as you can.

Do plan your hiking trip.
Safety begins with a right plan. Schedule your hiking trip months before your anticipated date so that you have to prepare. Identify a hiking site that is right for your skill. If it is your first time, read informative articles about hiking and the things you need during the trip. Take time go over the posted by your hiking site. If you plan to spend overnight in the woods, make sure that you have everything you need to survive the trip. Plan your carefully.

Do know the weather forecast.
Either you plan to go for a day hiking trip or you want to spend your nights outdoor, it is very, very important to watch the news and listen the weather forecast of the location of your hiking trip. This will give you a good head start on what to type of to expect and provide you with the right information as to what equipment to bring.

Do wear
You must wear the right clothes depending on the season. During summer, a long-sleeved shirt, long pants, closed-toe shoes with hard soles, and a hat are appropriate. No sandals, shorts or capri pants. During cold weather, wear jacket, sweaters, wool shirt, thermal-style underwear, and layered clothing will keep you protected from the chill.

Do anticipate the rain.
Weather changes unpredictably in the wild. Most of the time, you will never know if it is going to rain or not. So, be prepared! Bring waterproof clothes and windproof gear on your trip.

Do bring proper equipment.
Survival out on the woods is not easy so make sure that you come prepared. Utility tools should be the number one equipment on your list of “what to bring”. Also, do not forget flashlight and batteries even if you dont intend to spend the night outdoor. A portable gas stove is recommended if you plan to cook your food.

Do enjoy your hiking trip.
Bring a set of binoculars, a camera or a video camera to capture you moments during the hiking trip.

Finally… Be safe at all times!

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