What to Bring on a Hiking Vacation

There are that you should remember once you decide to go on a hiking vacation. One of these is knowing what to bring. Here are some suggestions you can take in order to get an idea of what to bring when you start your ing.

or daypack There are lots of s out there and you may never know which one is the best for you. If you are shopping for “the perfect bag”, prefer something with wider shoulder straps, it is more comfortable than those with narrow ones. Choose extra padded bags for comfort and support. Also, a belt that goes around the waist can help you immensely with the weight. The size of your should be able to carry everything you need to bring for the hiking vacation but does not hinder you from hiking comfortably.

Clothing Bring enough clothes that can last for the whole vacation but remember to bring the right ones. Long-sleeved shirts and pants should be your priority. Shorts or are not appropriate for a hiking vacation. Take note that and plants stings can ruin your hiking vacation se better cover your body properly. The less part of the body is exposed, the less chance that these can happen.

Layered clothes are important if you are going into or . For the inner layer, any “poly” fiber is perfect. For the outer layer, use wool or any waterproof fiber. Sandwiched between these 2 is anything for cushioning. Layering is perfect if you go out on a fair and turned wet, muddy and cold. Always be prepared for the worst and bring things that you need for any type of climate.

: pack sets of you can use for dry, wet, cold, and conditions.

Hat A wide brim hat can protect you from the sun and will keep you cool at the same time. A bandana is helpful as well.

Invest on good hiking, walking, or running shoes (heel-closed shoes). A thick sole is very important for extra support while hiking. Do not wear a new pair of shoes right at the hike. Break them in first.

Water One reason why you need to carry a good size is because you need to carry enough water for the trip. Water is not an optional item when you go out on a hiking vacation.

Food High-energy snack bars are popular choice for hikers. They are lightweight and small. Hard candy, trail mix, salty foods, energy drink, and electrolyte powder are recommended as well. Bring these along with regular foods you have in mind. If you are planning to cook your food, bring a portable stove.

Hiking gear Going on a hiking vacation will require you to bring several gears that can help you do your tasks and enjoy the whole experience. These include utility knife, compass, GPS, map, molefoam for blisters, first-aid kit, notebook and pen, binoculars, camera, walking stick, and sunglasses. For protection, bring insect repellant lotion.

Tent or sleeping bag Finally, if you will spend a night outdoor, better bring a tent or a sleeping bag with you. Choose one that fits your size and can give you a good sleep on wet, dry, hot, or cold nights.

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