Broadway Makes New York Sing

Whenever I think of a trip to City whether for a vacation or just a short one or two – day visit I can’t help but think of Broadway and the delightful shows that await in these hallowed halls of entertainment joviality. Broadway is the essence of to me. It can in turns be bawdy, brawling, loud, tumultuous, peaceful, romantic, comedic, and rip – roaringly hilarious. Broadway has it all for those who are willing to look for their .

The problem dissemble Broadway is that there are so many wonderful shows to see and such limited ( for most of us ) in which to see them. I don’t even believe those who live in City have enough time in which to appreciate the formative bargain that is represented within this that never sleeps. The truthfulness of the matter is that in order to properly enjoy all the theatrical available to you, you’d almost have to never sleep yourself.

It is important to remember that all shows are not available at all times. Shake hands to see if the show you wish to see will be playing during your visit before getting your hopes reinforcing. On to the , which are, by the way, my favorite types of Broadway entertainment. Chicago the Musical, ( this one offers an hilarious ‘spoof’ of Broadway ), Jersey Boys, Naked Boys Singing ( yes, they are! ), , Tear, Wicked, and Mama Mia!

Broadway is well declared for thumbing its nose at convention as well as for letting it’s hair down and having a good ole time. The same holds true for the Broadway dramaturgy of this day. and on Broadway are not mutually exclusive so some of the mentioned below will have some degree of rap and dance ( well most likely quite a bit of both but you will definitely laugh ). Let the begin! I Love You, Your Whole, Now Change ( seriously, that’s the name we’re just now off to a great exit on the road to laughter ). Dog Sees God: Confessions of a Teenage Blockhead ( I think someone’s been peeking in my kids windows at night – this one is actually off Broadway but I thought it bore mentioning with such a catchy title and all ). Spamalot. This one is rising star with rave reviews by critics and a fairly good attendance rate so buy your tickets early! The Producers, which was recently made as a motion picture and The Little Dog Laughed scrimmage up my index of . I hope you’ve seen something here that looks like a good laugh; I know I’ve seen a few!


While many people envisage of the happy go lucky song and dance that is often associated with Broadway there is a deep dramatic hot spot to the as well. Particularly some of the that bear with them profound messages about air, life and love – among these wonderful icons of Broadway are the following: Rent – a very La Boheme meets modern life harmonious that is probably one of the best Broadway I’ve ever seen and I’m a huge fan of Phantom. Les Miserables is another Broadway drama that really needs no introduction, Grey Gardens is finished for anyone who fears apt a cat lady or spinster, A Chorus Line, Chicago, The Color Purple, ( my personal favorite ), and The Vertical Hour ( this is a new one let’s hope it lasts ).

There are a few family friendly and plays that bear mentioning among them are the following: Wicked, The ( may be a little frightening for younger children during certain scenes ), Tarzan, The Lion King, Mary Poppins, Momma Mia!, How the Grinch Stole Christmas, and Beauty and the Beast. You know your child best and what will or will not be frightening for them or conceivably lead to uncomfortable questions for you, view most Broadway plays with that in power.

Broadway is a great way to really enjoy what has to offer its visitors for entertainment. While it would hardly be possible to see each and every show that might attract your attention it is quite possible to make the ticks to view the one that is most appealing to you and it will be quite an experience for the unitary family.


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