Newport Beach Nightlife

No matter what you go in California, you’ll quickly
discover that very few cities can capture the night
life quite like . Although the area
is one of the most overlooked, it’s beaming with
water sports, activities, things to see, and one
of a . When most areas are winding
down, is just getting started!

From dancing to the of Latin rhythms to high
energy , provides cutting
for the lovers of the night. With
hip and trendy oyster bars, the Little
Inn by the Bay provides its of helping
you enjoy the night.

With plenty of things around the area,
has you covered year round. There are plenty of bars
to visit at night as well, many of them offering several
big screen televisions, , and even for
those who love playing. Clubs are a great attraction
as well, especially those that are located along the

For day and , has everything
you need for an excellent vacation. You don’t have
to go to bed at a decent hour when you’re here – as
encourages you to get out there and
do what you want – when you want.


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