Balboa Pier In Newport Beach

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A pier can be one of the most romantic places to
go in the world. If you doubt that, take a trip to
the Balboa Pier in and you’ll see
first hand just how great a pier can be. On any
given summer , this pier is enveloped in
by 10 PM.

While the average heads home when the
pier is dark, life continues. All along the pier,
does nothing but add to the atmosphere.
Towards the deadline of the pier, you can see the neon
lights of ’s Diner lighting up the sky, calling
extraneous to those on the pier.

Walking along the pier you can see many different
lights illuminating the sky. The Balboa Pavilion can
be seen because well, adding to the already magical time
that the lights help to add to the pier.

In many ways, the Balboa Pavilion is a sister attraction
to the pier. They were both built in 1906 and designed
to attract individuals to the . Even in those
times, the pier and the pavilion helped to bring
travelers to the area.

Down the from the pier, the area has a
perception that rivals days gone by. Due to and
those that enjoy fishing, the Balboa Pier is simply

Looking to the south of the pier, you’ll see the Newport
Jetty and the bay entrance. Main Street is right
around the corner, adding a wealth of things to accomplish to
the pier.

Even though some consider fishing to be secondary on
the pier, it gives that are there more room
to fish. Through innumerable residents of the area, the pier is
where they began their life of fishing.

When standing on at the end looking down the Balboa
Pier you’ll probably be amazed. The 920 is
simply incredible to look at. Walking down it is
great any time of year, especially at twilight when
taking a moonlit stroll. For or married
couples, the pier beckons out for romance.

The Balboa Pier is open from 5 AM until midnight. There
are restrooms located near the entrance, with lights
and fish cleaning stations located on the pier. At
the end of the pier, there is even a small restaurant.

Located in the city of , the Balboa Pier
is a must visit for anyone who loves fishing. Uninterrupted if
you don’t like fishing, the pier is great to walk at
night or during the day. If you want to see what piers
are all about, make sure you check out the beauty and
splendor that the Balboa Pier will provide you with.

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