Crystal Cove State Park

The , located in ,
provides you with 3. 5 miles of beach and over 2, 000
acres of undeveloped woodland, which is perfect for
horseback riding and hiking. Offshore, the waters
are designed to be an .

Popular for mountain bikers inland, and
underwater, Crystal Cove beach is a great attraction
for swimmers and . There are also sandy
coves and nifty tidepools to explore. Offering you
sand, , ridges, canyons, and a lot to
do with your time, Crystal Cove ensures that you
never find yourself looking for something to do.

The park also features a of Pacific
coastline, wooded canyons, open bluffs, and plenty
of water. Giving more room for
, the park continues to be great for
swimming, surfing, or enjoying the sun.

During the winter months,
Rangers offer . This makes ,
for anyone who visits the park. Offering you
plenty to do and see year round, Crystal Cove State
Park adds more to visit or return to


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