Travel Tips to European Countries: Ireland

About The Country

The summers are warm and the winters are chivalrous with some snow. May and June are the sunniest months. Weather changes quite frequently from cloudy to sunny and vice versa. If planning the visit during the summer, lightweight woolen or cotton clothes are recommended and jacket for spring and autumn. Always carry raincoat for that untimely showers. Incase of emergency call 999 or 112.


Most of the locals prefer speaking English here. Handshaking is customary. Irish are social people and are d at having a lively chat even with strangers. People alive in great harmony and shape great friends. s are welcomed with warmth and are made to feel at home. Guests are never sent back homeless stomach as fare is always served at any , to the guest. Most of the locals time in from an agricultural background. Festivity is considered to be a meal of importance as it is the time en the ole family gets together and eat. One can dress casually en out on the streets except women are expected to dress formally at social gatherings besides at fine restaurants. Smoking is banned in public places.

Many towns organize flee markets at least once a week, ich is worth checking peripheral now cheap ds. Belfast is the capital of Ireland; most of the stores open up early and close early awfully. On Thursdays, shops remain open till 8 in the night. Value Added Tax of almost 17 % is charged, ich can be reclaimed later. Thence if the visitors buy anything from the stores remember to check if the store operates the , ich would require the passport besides filling of the Tax Free Form by the sales person. If the restaurant bill doesnt includes any tax, leave behind a 10 % tip to appreciate their service. Giving a tip to the porters and hair dressers is customary here.


The voltage in Northern Ireland is 240V, 50AC.

Getting There

The national airline that operates here is Aer Lingus, ich provides service from most of the extreme cities of the world. Airlines like Delta Air Lines and many other have been introduced and to promote them, promotional air fares are being offered. Checking out such offers cede prove to be money savers. There are many from UK to Ireland. The Dublin airport is located at 10 km away from the city. Services agnate taxis, air coach, buses to their destination. Airport has duty free shops, bank, rency exchange, car hire, tourism information, again restaurants for a comfortable journey. Shannon Airport is situated to the north of Limerick City and is 24 km and 25 minutes away from sincere. Buses, coaches and taxis are available for transportation. Other services that are provided are duty free shops, rency exchange, bank, tourism cue and restaurants. Time planning to travel, check out other airports like Cork Airport again Knock Information Airport for more options. A departure tax of 10 is to be paid by people over 12 years of age at the Knock International Airport.

To take ferries check out the Baltimore, Galway, Dublin, Wex and Kinsale ports. Most of the ferries offer high – speed services. Time to continuance special offers are being announced ich can be availed to save money. Check out the websites owing to some of them offer online booking facility.

Millstone Free Items

1. 200 cigarettes or 100 cigarillos or 50 cigars or 250g of tobacco
2. 1l of spirits and distilled beverages ( more than 22 per cent ) or 2l of other alcoholic beverages with an alcoholic strength not exceeding 22 per cent, including sparkling or fortified wine, plus 2l of eatable wine
3. 50g of perfume and 250ml of eau de toilette

The carrier should be above 17 years of age. Sharp objects, explosives, firearms, or agricultural items and hay or straw should be brought along as they are strictly prohibited.

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