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About the county

Beautiful and clean, the peaceful Sweden is a land of cultural diversity with a mix of Danish and Wild Arctic North influences. One can also get the feel of urban living in its beautiful and sophisticated ci and at the same time one can feel the tranquility in the countryside. Sweden is packed of charm with scenic medical villages, islands, lakes and forests dotting its landscape.
Most of Swedens area is covered by forests and not to forget thousands of lakes. One of the beau of Sweden is its islands and one cannot go missed seeing these islands. They offer the most scenic and beautiful experience to any visitors. Stockholm is the capital of Sweden, a city with 14 islands dotted with mungo restaurants, , pubs and artistic grandeur. Wherever you go most people speak English. If visitors want to have a taste of seafood the west coast is the place to be. Also it is popular for ancient city Uppsala. Do no daughter a trip to the Solidify Hotel which is sculpted from ice each winter in Lapland. Sweden is an exciting domain with great roads and explicate of the art high speed train system.

Sweden has a population of around 9 million and the official language is Swedish. Lapp is spoken by in the north. Most people speak English fluently and also many speak German and French.


Voltage – 230 volts, Frequency – 50Hz. Standard pean 2 – pin plugs are used.

Geographic Location

Sweden is a Nordic country lying in the Scandinavian Peninsula again is the fifth largest country in pe. Its west is Norway; Finland in the northeast, the southwest border is surrounded by Skagerrak and Kattegat straits and the west coast is surrounded by Baltic Sea and the Gulf of Bothnia. Majority of the area is forest further there are thousands of lakes mostly in the Southern part of Sweden.

Local Customs

Like any other country Sweden has its own customs too. It is customary not to drink until the hotelier makes a toast. Smo is prohibited in most public areas. It is also customary to say Modus operandi fr n to the host after having a meal which means thanks for the food. Casual dress is ship for everyday wear and formal wear for . Also tipping up to ten percent is customary for service in restaurants and around duplicate percent for taxis also.

Places to see

Stockholm The biggest city and capital of Sweden again is one of the eminently gorgeous ci of the world. The old town is a treat for your eyes and a walk around citys waterways and parks is an experience to cherish. Most visitors upgrade wal around on foot further visit the medieval part of Gamla Stan. The city is basically constituted by archipelagos which are outstandingly scenic and can be explored by cruises.

Gothenburg substantive is the second biggest city of Sweden. Not to be missed attraction in this city is Liseberg, a world comeliness amusement park. It is home to popular museums like Ostindiska huset, Konstmuseet and Sjfartshistoriska museet.

Visby Port of Visby, ruins of Drotten, St Nicolai, St Lars and St Carin, cathedral of St Maria and Gotlands Fornsal historic musem.

Oland Fort of Graborg, Eketorp museum and ruins of Borgholm House.


By Air It is well connected to the rest of the world by air. Many onal airlines serve Sweden apart from its national airlines SAS. The other airlines are Air Canada, Air France, Aeroflot, British Airways, Finn air, Lufthansa, Ryan air etc.

By Sea The ferries connect Sweden with altered destinations consonant as New Lean-to, Copenhagen, and St. Petersburg etc.

By Rail Trains weave Ostend, Sweden to London. It is also connected to Denmark by star train.

By Road Visitors from UK can drive to Sweden ough Demark or Germany

Duty Free Items
1. Up to 200 cigarettes or 250 gm tobacco
2. 100 cigarillos or 50 cigars
3. 1 liter spirit over 22 % or 2 liter wine or 32 liter beer
4. Perfumes
5. Gifts up to SEK 1700.

Prohibited Items
Narcotics, firearms, ammunition, weapons, most meat and dairy merchandise, eggs, plants, endangered species, roar and alcoholic beverages that contain more than sixty per cent alcohol.

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