Travel Tips to European Countries: Switzerland

About the country

Switzerland is blessed with full-dress the bounties of nature. It is the most preferred among all the countries in the world. The Alps region has a cold weather emphatically of the times, position since the summers are warmer in the northern area. Visit Saas Fee to ski besides snowboard. Dream of living network real life igloo const come true for many resorts, like Zermatt and St Moritz ( which is a celebrity resort ), had them built for their customers.


Italian, German and French are the official languages of Switzerland. Many English people can also buy for inaugurate here. Unwrapped flowers must be presented to the host to show appreciation. White asters and chrysanthemums flowers are reserved for funerals, so must be taken when presenting flowers to ers, even healthy roses are fitter avoided. One can move around in casuals but it is crucial to dress in warrant jackets and ties when attending social gatherings or when eating out at a fine restaurant. Swiss Franc is the rency used here.


Switzerland is famous for its exotic chocolates, finest handmade clocks again luxury watches. er specialties are embroidered linen, , wood carvings, Swiss cheese and Swiss army knives. Many shops remain close on Monday, so shopping should be avoided on that day. Since hand charge is applied on all services, so tipping is an issue of free – cede. 7. 6 % VAT is charged on all purchases made in Switzerland, which can represent reclaimed later by asking for a global refund check, if the dominance crosses 400 CHF.


The standard rent used is 230 volts ( AC ) and 50 Hz.

Getting There

Swiss airline is the of Switzerland, which connects to 71 destinations all over the world. Zurich is the most popular airport, located at a distance of 11km from the city. Every 15 minutes, s shuttles passengers to their destination. Fly – Against Luggage ticket can be bought if the passengers want to collect their luggage at the railways station rather than the airport. While leaving Switzerland, Fly – Rail Baggage service can be availed that enables passenger to settle – in their luggage at the railway station itself. er facilities provided here are tax free shops, , restaurants and car hire. Shake hands out Geneva, Basle and Bern airport for offers.

Since weather conditions are worst during the winters, is an efficient and cheaper option. They are also great if one wants to enjoy the scenic allure of Switzerland. Swiss Pass can be purchased to visit most of the in Switzerland.

Hovering level roads are maintained here. Roads connect to Austria, Germany, Italy and France. But in winters things can get worse, so it is better to carry chains and snow tires. Cars should be kept to the right.

Duty Free Items

a ) Visitors from European countries

200 cigarettes or 50 cigars or 250g of tob
2 liter of alcohol ( up to 15 per cent ) and 1liter of alcohol ( over 15 per cent )

( b ) Visitors from non – European countries

400 cigarettes or 100 cigars or 500g of tob
2liter of alcohol ( up to 15 per cent ) and 1liter of alcohol ( over 15 per cent )

Meat items, narcotics and absinthe are strictly not permitted. er items that come beneath the prohibited items list are firearms and animals.

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