Annual travel insurance

Annual covers you for every holiday you take for twelve consecutive months. Annual is generally meant for people o take more than one holiday every year. If you are ta a ee-week holiday in some destination during summer and another holiday later in the year, then Annual could help you save money. Because, if you hold an Annual , there is no need to spend money for every time you travel.

Annual is an insurance policy or contract under ich the insurance company agrees to pay for loss or damage or injury encountered by you during your trip. This includes trip cancellation, evacuation, medical emergency, baggage loss etc. If you hold proper Annual then your worries or anticipations regarding your safety during the trip will be no more.

Annual policies cover you for one year with an unlimited number of trips. That means, you can have unlimited number of holidays or s as you wish and have a guarantee that for all the trips for the next twelve months you will always be covered. During this one year, you can travel as many trips you like, but no trips should the maximum number of days you have selected in your policy. Annual policy will cover you for a period of one year from the start date you choose. So, one has to be careful in mentioning the start date in the policy. Annual gives you superior cover levels and reduced excess payments that you need to pay to make your claim. Burglary, hijack, hosl expenses, flight delay, travel delay, cancellation, evacuation – everything is covered in a better way if you hold an Annual . Annual gives you complete peace of mind all oughout the year and also gives cover to your delayed baggage, loss of personal items or cash, or passport documents.

Obtaining an Annual policy is very simple. st, select the destinations you wish to be covered for the next consecutive twelve months, and then select the date you want your Annual to start. After that you have to r at kind of party you need to cover, that is ether you go for single person, family, couple, group of people etc. and their age gro.

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