The Joys of Camping

The joy of camping should be shared with kids at an early age. It will help them develop and be much more ve. Camping should be taken seriously though. Every year there are thousands of who end up in trouble while camping.

usually get in trouble camping because they are not prepared for what Mother Nature can ow at them. Often, will get lost because they do not familiarize themselves with their surroundings. Camp maps should always be drawn as soon as you make camp. ies of this camp map should be given to every of your party. You should point out land marks and where water and shelter is located.

It is a great idea for you and your family to take a camping and survival course. Your local community center or resource will be able to provide you with information about these courses. A couple of things to re when camping:

* matches.

* Water.

* Proper ching.

* Sleeping bags.

* How will you use the restroom,

* Food.

* Maps.

* Compass.

These are just some of the very basic things you must have to survive. The r can turn quickly in the wilderness and can become dangerous to your family. You also need to know what the indigenous wildlife is where you will be camping. Example; ling to bear country provides a different set of rules regarding food preparation and storage.

Camping is the t way to get to know your kids and commune with nature. Camping can be done anywhere in the world. No r where you are you must be prepared and have the right equipment. Always re, it can happen to you. Be prepared for whatever comes your way while camping.

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