Insuring Your Overseas Home

The number of UK residents how now have overseas homes is ily on the increase. In some cases these overseas homes are for holiday purposes, such as with , in other cases they’re bought for the purpose of spending at least part of the time of the owner’s retirement, such as with Cyprus. Either way, more often than not the British owner of the home would prefer not to have the overseas home insured by an offshore insurance provider, but rather by an insurance provider .

So, if you have an overseas home and would like a UK home insurance company to provide you with insurance, what can you ct to get,

Home Cons and Home Buildings Insurance

A number of providers of overseas home have merged the home cons and home to be an ated overseas home insurance policy. This mega policy should cover you for both circumstances.

Public Liability Insurance

Should be a must, especially if you are considering renting the overseas home out for the part of the year that you are not there.

Lost Earnings

If you think that renting your overseas home about is going to be a major money spinner for you, you may well want to consider insuring yourself against any lost earnings. Basically, this insurance will reimburse you if your holiday tenants suddenly have to cancel.


As with mainland UK home , you need to make sure you are protected against theft. All the usual pres about invoicing your possession needs to be taken into consideration with your holiday home. Also, you need to c the excess deductibles carefully, as in most cases this can range from 50 – 200

Natural Disasters

As recent natural disaster such as the , tsunami, and earth quakes have shown, certain geographical regions outside of the UK are more prone to natural disasters than the UK itself is. Consequently, you should make sure that your overseas home is adequately insured against this .

Insurance for your overseas home can be arranged cheaply over the internet, or else you can arrange to have the insurance provider by a specialist overseas home insurance company in your area. Do keep in mind that as this is effectively your second home, your home insurance premiums will be marginally higher than you may normally be cted to pay with the home you live in, especially if you are using the home in any way to generate income.

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