Universal Studios Tours Movies and Fun

Universal Studios began offering tours in 1964. Today, Universal Studios still offers tours, and they still make movies but it has also become one of the largest amusement parks in the world. In fact, Universal Studios has mixed movie making … Continue reading

Universal Studios Special Services

Universal Studios strives to ensure that everyone who visits Universal Studio Tours has an enjoyable experience. While guest services are available for everyone, there are special guest services available for guests with more specialized needs. Guests in wheelchairs should have … Continue reading

Universal Studios Tours Its Not For Everyone

Unlike Disneyland, Universal Studio Tours are not for everyone. While there is plenty to do and see, the attractions are not appropriate for all ages. This should be strongly considered if you are planning a family vacation that includes Universal … Continue reading

Universal Studios Tours Attractions to See

If you are planning a trip to Universal Studios, there are many attractions to keep you occupied, including the Universal Studios Tour, which takes about one hour. However, there are some attractions that absolutely must not be missed! All of … Continue reading