The Greatest Beaches in the World

The classic conflict that comes up when the family is voting on the next great vacation outing is, Should we go to the mountains or the beach? Well if you review all that America has to offer, it wont get … Continue reading

The Big Apple

No catalog of the great sight seeing locations around America could ever be complete without mention of one of the most exciting cities in the world to visit and enjoy, the one they call The Big Apple. New York City … Continue reading

Kansas City Here I Come

When we think of really terrific destinations to find great sights and experiences, we somehow tend to think of the coasts of America. And to be sure, from the California to Washington State to the eastern seaboard, these states boast … Continue reading

Where the Mountains Talk to You

In the classic fantasy series The Lord of the Rings, the author J.R.R. Tolkien gives us many enduring and imaginative images. One phrase that stands out in a passage concerning a dangerous passageway is, the runes were carved into the … Continue reading

Democracy and Tasty Treats at Faneuil Hall

Bostons Faneuil Hall, which has been nicknamed The Cradle of Liberty, hosted Americas first political town meeting. Since its construction by French Huguenot merchant Peter Faneuil in 1742, the hall has served as a shelter for sheep, a lively marketplace, … Continue reading