What Makes a Perfect Summer Theme Wedding

Wedding dress and wedding color, music, food and reception, invitations and venue, flowers, decoration and accessories- All these and more must be prepared for your wedding. And if you are not ready enough, any small mishap on one can put … Continue reading

Tropical Theme Wedding: A New Look at Wedding Celebrations

The warm breeze, the damp sea wind, the magnificence of the seashore, these surely are great splendors only found in the tropics. No wonder, there are too many coupes wishing they could throw an excellent wedding celebration amidst the tropic’s … Continue reading

Go Back in Time with a Country Theme Wedding

Relaxation, peace celebration… These and everything else in between are the main dishes when you choose to have a country theme wedding. If you and your couple would want to savor the starting moments of your lives together in simplicity … Continue reading

Beach Theme Wedding Ideas

Choosing a beach theme wedding gives you a lot of advantages. One is giving yourself the total freedom to become creative and making your wedding celebration a totally unique one. Depending on the time of the day, the nature can … Continue reading